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4th Impact responds to criticisms, refunds donations for Shih Tzus

It highlights their commitment to transparency and accountability in addressing public concerns while maintaining their dedication to their craft and supporters.

Mica Almira, a member of the all-female group 4th Impact, has addressed the issues surrounding her and her siblings amidst recent controversies.

Almira, who is the eldest among her sisters Irene, Mylene, and Celina Cercado, spoke out following criticism regarding their online donation drive and pet ownership.

The controversy arose from their fundraising efforts to establish a “dog farm” for their growing number of shih tzu pets. However, netizens raised questions after discovering that they attended Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” despite their plea for financial assistance.

Almira took to Facebook to urge an end to the hate and emphasize that their intentions were not malicious. She defended her family and group against cyberbullying, stating that they have the right to pursue their dreams without facing undue criticism.

Regarding their shih tzus, Almira clarified that the decision to multiply their pets came from a genuine desire to provide care and attention to their beloved animals. When faced with backlash, they promptly deleted the donation drive post and refunded contributions made by supporters, as demonstrated by a receipt shared online.

Almira’s message called for understanding and compassion, emphasizing that their primary goal is to spread joy through their performances. Despite the challenges they face, she expressed determination to continue pursuing their dreams and spreading love to their supporters.

“Pls STOP all hateful and harsh comments.. We will never QUIT and we will continue to pursue our dreams.. kahit mahirap .. Laban lang … Spread LOVE ….”

The statement from Almira serves as a response to recent criticisms and aims to put an end to the negative comments directed at their family and group.

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