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Sen. Nancy Binay applauded by netizens for speaking out against Mariel Rodriguez’s IV Drip controversy

Observers familiar with Rodriguez anticipate that she will eventually provide an explanation or response to the matter.

Sen. Nancy Binay has gained widespread admiration from netizens following her recent comments on the controversial incident involving Mariel Rodriguez’s glutathione IV drip treatment, administered within the office premises of her husband, Senator Robin Padilla.

The incident sparked heated discussions on social media after Rodriguez initially shared details of the procedure on her social media platforms, only to later delete the posts amid the ensuing controversy.

Netizens criticized Rodriguez for her decision to undergo the procedure within Senator Padilla’s office, questioning the appropriateness of such actions.

Senator Binay’s statement on the matter received significant praise, particularly for her expressed concerns regarding the administration of the IV drip without proper medical advice, as well as the safety concerns surrounding glutathione drips, which have been flagged by the Department of Health (DOH) and banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“Nakaka-bother lang dahil `yung IV procedure was done inside the Senate premises na walang abiso mula sa clinic. And to make it more complicated, `yung gluta drip ay na-declare na mismo ng DOH na unsafe, banned ng FDA, and it was administered outside the clinic without the proper medical advice from a licensed health professional.”

The majority of netizens echoed Senator Binay’s sentiments, expressing agreement with her stance on the issue.

As of the time of writing, Rodriguez has yet to offer an explanation for her actions, leaving many to call for a public apology from Senator Padilla’s wife.

While awaiting further clarification from Rodriguez, it remains uncertain whether she will address the controversy directly.

Observers familiar with Rodriguez anticipate that she will eventually provide an explanation or response to the matter.

Readers are encouraged to stay tuned to Dailypedia for any updates or statements from Rodriguez regarding this ongoing controversy.

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