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Xyriel Manabat engages in banter with fans shipping her with Elijah Canlas despite having a real-life boyfriend

Xyriel Manabat claps back at fans criticizing latest Instagram photo with boyfriend

Kapamilya actress Xyriel Manabat recently found herself responding to critical comments from fans after sharing a photo with her boyfriend on Instagram.

Some fans suggested that she looked better paired with actor Elijah Canlas, sparking discussions among their followers.

The sudden connection between Xyriel and Elijah, particularly a scene inside a car, drew attention from fans. However, Xyriel clarified during their farewell press conference for ‘Senior High’ that it was purely part of the storyline, emphasizing that there was no actual physical contact between her and Elijah.

One fan’s comment on Xyriel’s photo, stating, “Hindi kayo bagay Xyriel”, prompted a swift retort from Xyriel: “Hindi rin kayo bagay ng baby daddy mo”.

The exchange continued in Xyriel’s Instagram story, where she engaged in banter with another fan.

Responding to criticisms about not wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle with her boyfriend, Xyriel explained that they were merely holding the helmets for the sake of the photo. She jokingly called the commenters “mapanghusga”.

Despite the online exchange, Xyriel received support from her long-time fans, who urged others to respect her privacy. Some fans expressed their desire for Xyriel and Elijah to become a real-life couple, citing their on-screen compatibility.

Xyriel expressed gratitude for her fans’ support and defended her right to speak up in her own defense while maintaining a mature and brave stance.

While fans continue to express their opinions, Xyriel and Elijah’s friendship remains evident, with Elijah even liking Xyriel’s post. The actress recently concluded her role in ‘Senior High’ on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida, following the series ‘Dirty Linen.’

Despite no official announcement about her next project, Xyriel’s compelling performances in consecutive teleseryes have positioned her as a promising talent deserving of further opportunities with ABS-CBN.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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