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Ricci Rivero responds to enigmatic remarks by Andrea Brillantes’ friend Bea Borres

The situation continues to unfold in the public eye, leaving fans and followers intrigued and speculating about the nature of these cryptic social media posts.

Filipino basketball player Ricci Rivero has found himself in the spotlight following his confirmation of a romantic relationship with beauty queen-turned-politician Leren Mae Bautista.

However, it appears that Rivero was not the only one feeling the heat, as a cryptic post by his ex-girlfriend Andrea Brillantes’ close friend and ‘Kadenang Ginto’ co-star Bea Borres seemed to be alluding to their situation.

On Saturday, October 21, Borres took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to share a well-known saying in local showbiz: “Time is the ultimate truth teller.” This statement is often used when a long-speculated “truth” is finally revealed, and it was first popularized by Filipino actresses Bea Alonzo and Nadine Lustre.

Borres made this statement shortly after Rivero publicly confirmed his relationship with Bautista. Their growing closeness, coupled with allegations of cheating and third-party involvement, had already caused quite a stir.

However, Borres didn’t stop at just one cryptic post. She later made another statement that appeared to provoke Rivero. In it, she referenced a “hard launch,” a term from pop culture signifying the act of introducing a significant other in a more straightforward way on social media.

In response to her post, Ricci Rivero seemed ready to engage in a verbal exchange and challenged her to “reveal their dirty laundry.” He also accused someone of being unfaithful and suggested they talk privately to clarify the situation before publicly addressing the matter.

Rivero addressed Borres by saying, “Puro tweet, Bea. Gusto mo maglabasan tayo ng labada? Tara sabihan tayo kung sino talaga kumakabit? Hingi ka lifeline para may bala ka bago ka mag-reply publicly for your publicity. Sayang pakikialam mo kung di ka kasama sa headline.”

As of now, Borres has not responded to Rivero’s remarks. Nevertheless, she has been spotted spending time with Brillantes and fellow actresses Danica Ontengco and Criza Taa, as seen on her Instagram Stories.

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