Petite admits he became gay because of Isko Moreno

Isko found humor in the comedian’s statement and chuckled along.

Comedians Uldario Molina, Jr., known as “Negi,” and Vincent Aycocho, known as “Petite,” appeared on ‘Iskovery Night’ on Friday, September 29, where Petite candidly shared a story about his past.

One of the revelations on the show was Petite’s admission that he became starstruck upon seeing former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, jokingly attributing his sexual orientation to Isko.

“Na-starstruck talaga ako. Kasi, Diyos ko, siguro isa ka sa kadahilanan kung bakit ako bakla,” Petite confessed.

Isko found humor in the comedian’s statement and chuckled along.

Petite went on to share that during high school, he often had no money because he would buy the ‘Chika Chika Magazine’ every weekend, which featured Isko as the centerfold, wearing only striped trunks.

“Tapos, after 2 weeks, di ko na siya [Chika Chika Magazine] mabuklat, Petite revealed.

This prompted Negi to ask, “Bakit?”

“Dikit-dikit na,” Petite replied, leading to another burst of laughter from Isko.

Petite also admitted that he was caught by his mother several times while pleasuring himself.

“Noong nahuli ako, ano ‘yan? Sabi ko, ano, nagsasarili. Sabi niya, kesa mag-drugs.”

Negi and Petite are close friends of Vice Ganda in the showbiz industry, alongside comedians MC Muah and Lassy Marquez.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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