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Bea Borres seeks legal counsel amid ongoing Twitter spat with Ricci Rivero

The dispute on Twitter has garnered considerable attention among netizens and the supporters of the individuals involved, adding a legal dimension to the ongoing exchange.

In the midst of a Twitter feud with basketball player Ricci Rivero, Andrea Brillantes’ close friend, Bea Borres, has reportedly sought legal advice to address the ongoing dispute.

This development emerged during a segment of DJ Jhaiho’s YouTube show, ‘Marites University.’

The online quarrel began when Bea Borres posted a tweet that read, “Lol hanggang hard launch nagmamalinis lmfao no.”

Although she did not mention any names, it was perceived as a response to Ricci Rivero’s public revelation of his romantic involvement with Leren Mae Bautista.

In turn, Ricci took offense and issued a direct challenge to Bea, hinting at the possibility of hidden secrets.

Ricci Rivero’s response further intensified the online conflict, particularly when he suggested that someone was “kumakabit” (getting involved in relationships), which appears to have prompted Bea Borres to seek legal counsel.

According to DJ Jhaiho’s account, Bea has consulted with a lawyer regarding the matter. Although no formal legal proceedings have been initiated at this point, her discussions with her attorney may explore potential actions, including the option of filing a cyber libel case due to the accusations directed at her.

The unfolding situation will be closely monitored as it evolves, but Bea Borres’ decision to involve legal counsel indicates her willingness to explore further measures in response to the online controversy.

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