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Lie Reposposa and British Fiancé Share Sweet Photo Amid “Cheating” Controversy

The couple’s decision to convey their unity through the power of imagery demonstrates their resolve to address the controversy on their own terms.

Lie Reposposa and her British fiancé, Paul Joshua Marsden, have responded to the recent controversy surrounding their relationship with a heartwarming display of affection.

In a surprising move, the couple shared a sweet photo of themselves on Instagram on Tuesday evening, August 8, 2023, seemingly addressing the issues that have been circulating in the media.

The photo captures Lie nestled in Paul’s arms, while his right hand tenderly embraces her. Both of them sport genuine smiles, sending a clear message that their relationship remains strong and harmonious.

Although the photo lacks a written caption, the image itself speaks volumes. The couple chose to simultaneously post the snapshot on their respective Instagram accounts, adding to the impact of their united stance.


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This public show of affection comes in the midst of a controversy that emerged recently, implicating Lie in an alleged act of infidelity. A video circulated on social media showing a woman and a foreign man engaging in an intimate moment within a bar. While the woman in the video was speculated to be Lie, she was not seen with her British fiancé, Paul Joshua Marsden.

The video sparked a variety of reactions from netizens. Some asserted that the woman in the video was indeed Lie, while others highlighted the lack of clear evidence due to the blurry camera quality.

As of writing, comments on both Lie and Paul’s Instagram accounts remain disabled, adding to the air of mystery surrounding the situation.

Despite the absence of an explicit statement from the couple addressing the legitimacy of the video, the shared photo suggests that they remain united in the face of the controversy.

Lie Reposposa publicly announced her engagement to Paul Joshua Marsden on February 24, 2023. Their relationship was officially confirmed on Instagram in December 2022.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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