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‘Drag Race PH’ Under Fire Again for Controversial ‘Trash’ Comment

In the “Untucked” episode, OV became emotional, expressing her belief that the comment was uncalled for.

The reality competition series “Drag Race Philippines” is facing criticism once again for its use of a “trash” comment, this time delivered by renowned fashion figure Tessa Prieto.

During the judges’ critique, Prieto expressed her disappointment with the execution of OV C–T’s Halloween look.

“Can I say it? This is trash,” Prieto commented, evoking memories of a similar contentious statement made by Rajo Laurel in the previous season.

In the previous season, the contestant Eva Le Queen had an emotional reaction to Laurel’s “trash” comment, which sparked backlash from viewers who believed that critiques should be constructive and respectful.

OV responded to Prieto’s comment during the confessionals, saying, “Ayoko, I don’t want to give her any energy.”

Prieto further elaborated on her dissatisfaction with OV’s look, noting, “Parang kulang ng spooky. Also, when I spoke to you, you have other ideas from the time that I saw you, I’m seeing the same thing.”

“A little disappointment lang because ‘yung conversation natin, you wanted to have that sort of edginess, parang wala namang edgy,” she added.

In the “Untucked” episode, OV became emotional, expressing her belief that the comment was uncalled for.

“For some reason, ‘pag nasa main stage ako, nati-trigger anxiety ko. So kanina hindi ko alam kung ano nangyayari sa ‘kin, apparently pala nung naglalakad tayo, nadudurog na pala ‘yung outfit,” OV shared.

“Maganda naman ‘yung gawa ko, hindi naman siya super pangit … mukha akong tanga kanina, napapahiya ako.”

OV explained that Prieto’s comment negatively impacted her and undermined her confidence.

“Super hiyang-hiya ako nung moment na ‘yun. I entered this competition, especially this challenge with so much braveness sa sarili ko and kumbaga, kumpiyansa sa sarili ko na kayang-kaya ko ‘to … Ang lungkot ko na I end up in this situation na nasa lusak ako.”

Some fans also expressed disappointment with the comment, pointing out that the show seems to not have learned from its past mistakes.

Eva also commented on Prieto’s remark: “That TRASH moment was uncalled for. When will this verbal assault or reducing artists to such a word f**ing stop. Disgusting.”

“Drag Race Philippines” continues to air new episodes on Wednesdays through WOW Presents Plus and HBO Go, along with its “Untucked” segment.

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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