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Netizens react to Toni Gonzaga’s “Child of God” statement

Toni Gonzaga did not forget to lift to the Lord, all her success in the past 20 years in the local entertainment scene.

The Ultimate Multimedia Star offered her success in showbiz, over the past two decades, to the Almighty, claiming she is one of His children.

Toni Gonzaga did not forget to lift to the Lord, all her success in the past 20 years in the local entertainment scene. During her much-awaited, and undeniably controversial, anniversary concert on January 20, Gonzaga went down memory lane, as she delivered her greatest hits to around 16,500 spectators who filled the Smart Araneta Coliseum, up to the brim.

“I am a child of God,” she said, in one of her impassioned performances.

Online, especially on Twitter, netizens gave mixed reactions to such a statement. 

Noticeably, however, more are seemingly not impressed with her declaration.

”even God himself can never turn a blind eye against societal injustices. Wag na tayo mag lokohan,” tweeted Caloy, alluding to Gonzaga’s past issues.

“You can sing all you want to and still get it wrong. Worship is more than a song. (Clear The Stage, Jimmy Needham),” tweeted TRAVIS, who is not impressed with the multimedia star’s Gospel performance.

Sam claimed Gonzaga ruined his favorite Christian song. “This is my favorite Christian song and Toni ruined it!!! HYPOCRITE.

“lmao you’re the black sheep then? Char. Mas bagay anak ni hudas o *******. You support a family who has violated one of the 10 commandments of God that you believe in. ((Thou shall not steal yan, bulag ka kasing ****** ka),” said Heather in her tweet.

“But supports a thief????,” wondered @Privataed, alluding to Gonzaga’s support of the Marcos family whose reputation is tarnished by numerous allegations of theft and corruption in the government.

President Bongbong Marcos is notably one of the singer-actress’s wedding godparents.

Before her anniversary concert at the Big Dome, allegations of poor ticket sales plagued Gonzaga. There are also reports that some tickets were given away for free so that the venue would be filled on the day of the concert. Joed Serrano, the producer, clarified that the tickets Toni’s mom, Pinty, bought, were in fact, just resold and not given for free.

Written by JE C.C.

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