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Bride, surprised to see the whole “barangay” attending her wedding

Event organizer Vonric Layese said the couple was only expecting around a hundred guests but the video shows more than that

A bride in Davao City was caught on video looking surprised when the attendees of her wedding exceeded the number of people invited.

Event organizer Vonric Layese shared the viral video on TikTok, which has garnered over 5 million views.

Layese said the couple only expected around a hundred guests, but the video shows more.

“Akala mo 100pax lang ang dadalo? Pero buong barangay ang pumunta.” he said.

The bride’s reaction had netizens laughing. She couldn’t believe how many people showed up to the event.

The program had to be changed because of the number of attendees.

“Yes, kinabahan ang bride,” Layese told Pep Ph.

“At first kasi, sobrang dami ng guests. Na-change ang original plan. Dapat program first bago magpakain ng mga bisita.

“Dahil request ng parents na dapat kumain muna bago ang program, hindi naiwasang nerbiyusin ng bride.” he explained.

People from the barangay started entering the basketball court during the couple’s first dance.

“Sa video na nakita, first dance nila yun. At the same time, pumipila na ang mga bisita sa food. Hindi maiwasang magsiksikan.”

“More or less 100 guests lang ang kilala ng couple. The rest, taga-barangay na po.” he said.

The bride later admitted that she was indeed shocked when she saw the number of guests. Luckily, the preparation was enough to feed everyone.

Written by paulie walnuts

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