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Darryl Yap unfazed after declared persona non grata by QC, worried about Aiai delas Alas

Delas alas was featured in the video titled “Ligaya Delmonte” which was used to campaign for Anakalusugan Representative Mike Defensor

Actress Ai-Ai delas Alas and director Darryl Yap have been declared persona non grata by the Quezon City Council after both disrespected the city’s official seal in a video.

The Latin phrase means “unwelcome person” in English.

Delas alas was featured in the video titled “Ligaya Delmonte” which was used to campaign for Anakalusugan Representative Mike Defensor.

The actress played the character of Honorable Mayor Ligaya Delmonte, a reference to incumbent Quezon City mayor Joy Belmonte. Behind her was the city’s seal that contained the text “BBM” and “Sara” instead of “LUNGSOD QUEZON PILIPINAS.”

Outgoing Quezon City Councilor Ivy Lagman came up with the resolution that was approved on June 8 seeking to declare Yap and delas Alas as persona non grata. She called on both to apologize for what they did.

“I am calling all the content creators, especially Mr. Darryl Yap and Ms. Ai-Ai delas Alas, and many others who were part of this project, to apologize to the citizens of Quezon City for debasing and bastardizing the beloved seal of Quezon City.” she said.

“Hindi ba dapat lang na ideklara na persona non grata sa QC ang mga at nambastos sa seal ng QC?

“Maybe this will make all content creators think twice before posting anything on social media such as these videos.

“That Freedom of Expression is not absolute. Hindi naman basta-basta nalang po na pwede tayo mag post ng mga gusto natin na hindi man lang pinag isipan mabuti kung ano ang mga laman ng mga pinalalabas natin sa mga tao.

“Kung ang Freedom of Expression mo ay hindi minsan nararapat–katulad ng pagsayaw mo habang pinapatugtog ang national anthem o ang pag gamit sa Philippine Flag ng hindi tama, etc., huwag natin itong gawing laging rason para lang mambastos.

Quezon locals appear to have celebrated the city’s decision.

Lagman clarified that the resolution isn’t meant to attack President-elect Bongbong Marcos and Vice President-elect Sara Duterte.

“FYI Hindi po ito laban kay President-elect BBM and Vice President-elect SARA DUTERTE.

“Ito po ay patungkol sa paglapastang sa SEAL ng Quezon City,

“Yes you are free to be expressive with your work, but not at the expense of something which QCitizens hold in high regard.

“Quezon City prides itself with many achievements and showcases itself through its distinct corporate seal, the triangle with the pylon of Quezon Memorial Circle. It is created based on the powers given to the city through its Charter, Commonwealth Act No. 502 and Section 22(a)(3) of the RA7160 or the Local Government Code.

“Mahal po namin ang Quezon City at ang lokal na pamahalaan nito ay aming nirerespeto. Sana kayo rin.” she added.

However, Yap refused to apologize. “yoko nga.” he said.

“My presence is actually felt not physically in Quezon City but in social media. I don’t think they can declare my social media presence and relevance non grata in Quezon City.

“So with that, I completely accept the repercussions of what I did.

“But then again, they have the power to do that and I also have the power to do things my way so no hard feelings.” Yap said in a statement.

The director is more worried about delas Alas since she is a resident of Quezon City.

“But Nanay Ai-Ai, si Ma’am Ai-Ai delas Alas po is a resident of Quezon City. I think she will be surprised. Nasa Amerika siya ngayon.”

Delas Alas has yet to release a statement.

Written by Charles Teves

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