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After a comment on VP Leni Robredo’s graduation photo of Jillian, netizens lost their heads over ‘Melinda’

This week, netizens got acquainted with a certain Melinda Barlis, who holds a grudge against “taking graduation photos… on a graduation day”. 

Yeah, I get it… Melinda is trending, but the point is, do I need to write an article about her?


This is just me hopping on the ‘Yeah I get it… but the point is” craze.

To think that most of us have just started cracking our heads up over a self-talking Internet troll who spawned equally hilarious: “Are you a nurse din po?” memes, Melinda certainly could not wait any longer to get her spotlight.

Social media may have been largely credited for the proliferation of disinformation and fake news, which must be stopped by all means. It has, however, some good, or should we say, a hilarious side that we have to focus on, especially now that most of us are still recovering from the results of the 2022 national polls.

This week, netizens got acquainted with a certain Melinda Barlis, who holds a grudge against “taking graduation photos… on a graduation day”. 

She made the public aware of her bizarre pique, via a comment she made on a photo of Vice President Leni Robredo with her youngest daughter, Jillian. The outgoing VP recently flew to the United States with her two other daughters, Aika and Tricia, to attend Jillian’s graduating ceremony at the New York University.

Yeah I get it, gagraduate ang anak, but the point is need pa bang picturan (Yeah I get that her daughter is graduating, but is it really necessary that they take a photo of themselves?),” she commented.

Was Melinda simply trolling or did she just totally miss the point in a proud parent’s need to get a photo with her graduating daughter? Netizens have many suspicions, but their sidesplitting responses certainly are the ones that you need to focus on, right now.

“shuta ka doc @jpgrobredo, melinda, ang point kasi bakit need pa bang picturan” gela asked Tricia Robredo, who also posted a family photo with Jillian.

Meanwhile, Iyah, uncovered a photo of Melinda herself, with her daughter in graduation attire.

”bat nyo naman kasi pipicturan anak nyo pag graduation huhuhu dapat si maam melinda lang (why are you even taking photos with your graduating children, anyway? Only Melinda can do that),” she said in tweet.

MA Buendia noted that ‘Marites’ maybe already facing an end, as ‘Melinda’ quickly becomes the more popular name.

“Marites is out. Melinda is in.”

Another user, @FindingDoro, used the trend to flaunt the result of his working out. “Yeah, i get it. May abs ka, but the point is Kailangan pa ba picturan?”

Suho, does not sound pleased with Melinda, and answered her instead in a more serious tone. “Bakit hindi? Ano ba dapat picture-an ni Leni, Melinda? Parents ko nga na bbm supporters todo share parin ng graduation pics ko sa fb kahit more than 4 years ago na yon. (Yeah, why not? What else do you think VP Leni should get a photo of? Just to let you know, even my parents who are staunch BBM supporters, still share my graduation photos four years ago),” she said.

A concerned netizen named Uriel, meanwhile, pleaded for netizens to not allow ‘Melinda’ to become a trend like Marites, as a real-life Melinda Barlis, actually exists. 

She shared a screenshot of Barlis’s post on facebook.

“Hello, her name was just used for shame and clout lang po. Please let’s stop talking bad of her now. 🙁 Troll account po yata ang nag-trend na ‘yun,” she shared in a tweet.

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Written by JE C.C.

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