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Netizen catches a man filming him while peeing in a Taguig mall

Netizen shared his sentiment on Twitter (April 5, 2022) when he was filmed by a man while peeing at SM AURA.

A netizen shared his sentiment on Twitter (April 5, 2022) when he was filmed by a man while peeing at a mall in Taguig.

In the picture posted by the victim, the man placed a hidden camera in his bag, and @ZeeDocor noticed and took a picture of it.

@ZeeDocor was peeing in one of the comfort rooms in a famous mall in Taguig when suddenly being filmed by a guy while peeing. He explained that there’s actually a hole and a camera lens by zooming in closely and looking at the bag. He then alerted the custodian and asked for assistance from the guards.

He narrated that he waited for the guy , and upon confronting him, the perpetrator was surprisingly calm. When asked to delete the caught videos, the guy insisted that there is no such thing as the video being referred to and even showed his gallery and deleted folders.

The confrontation ended with them exchanging IDs and the victim hoping that there should be no video being leaked. He just then realized that the lens of the camera shown to him was different.

Netizens shared their reactions to the alarming issue, asking the victim to take caution and how the incident gives anxiety to readers.

One netizen analyzed the type of camera used, speculating that it might be a spy camera and not a simple phone camera.

Another netizen supplemented the issue of possible recovery of the deleted folders since they ended up in the Recycle Bin.

As netizens continued supplying their reactions and a possible plan of action when confronted with the said situation, one netizen provided a supposed action that the victim could have done, such as seeking police assistance for a warrantless search on the bag of the guy who filmed him.

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