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Clarita Carlos lectured by lawyers over statement on Bar exams passers

Her post garnered 33,000 reactions, 2,700 comments, and 4,500 shares before it got taken down

Retired professor Clarita Carlos was lectured by attorneys nationwide after saying that the country needs engineers and scientists than lawyers.

“Not to rain on anyone’s parade… but, me thinks we need more scientists, engineers and doctors… not more lawyers!” she wrote in a now-deleted facebook post shortly after the bar exam results.

It garnered 33,000 reactions, 2,700 comments, and 4,500 shares before it got taken down.

Atty. Gideon Pena, a common fixture on twitter, pointed out that there is actually a shortage of lawyers in the Philippines.

“In the US, there’s 1 lawyer for every 240 people. In the Philippines, there’s roughly 1 lawyer for every 2,500 people. We do need more scientists, doctors, and farmers but we also need more lawyers in the country,” he said in a response to Carlos’ ignorance.

“Before raining on other people’s parade, check your data first,” he added.

The figures were first published in a September 16, 2016 column on BusinessWorld.

Jemy Gatdula, a law professor who wrote the column titled Too Many Lawyers, said that only 40,000 lawyers exist in the country.

He said the number was not ideal given the Philippines’ growing population.

“And again remember, not all registered lawyers are engaged in traditional law firm work, so the proportion would be far smaller in reality,” he said.

Associate Justice Marvic Leonen also fired back at Carlos.

The 2020/2021 bar examinations saw 8,241 bar passers, an unprecedented feat.

Written by Charles Teves

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