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Michael V. reveals Bubble Gang’s formula for success

Their goal was to be the best and longest-running comedy show and they’ve accomplished just that

Bubble Gang has been on television for 25 years, and Michael V has recently revealed the reason for the show’s longevity.

In a media conference on the show’s 25th anniversary, Michael V said there isn’t actually a secret formula om how it remained in power.

Wala talagang sikreto, no formula. May sinusunod lang kami na formula na setup plus punchline equals funny,” the Bubble Gang pioneer said.

He noted that having fun on set was a big factor in the show’s success on TV.

His most memorable moment was the taping of the pilot episode, “which took a really, really long time,” because they worked hard on coming up with a plan to make the show successful but found it not to be so enjoying,

He said, “we were all thinking about working and working,” so the show would become dominant.

“It was a learning experience for me because it turns out (that’s not the) formula.” he  shared, adding that the pilot “was the point of no return.”

“At that time, we were really difficult to ourselves. We’re trying so hard to be objective … we forgot to have fun with it,” he said.

The show only became successful when everyone realized that “the objective wasn’t just to give fun to others but also have fun as well.”

Their goal was to be the best and longest-running comedy show, and they’ve accomplished just that.

“We couldn’t have done it ourselves,” he said.

Marami din naging part ng ‘Bubble Gang’ na naitulong sa success ng show.” he added.

Michael V believes that anyone from the current cast can follow in his footsteps as every single one of them has the potential to do so.

“Lahat naman sila [may] potential. Hindi ka basta basta mapapasok sa show na ‘to kung wala kang potential.”

Lahat sila potentially pwede mag tuloy, mag inspire. Ang limitation lang talaga is nasa sakanila kung anong limitation ilalagay nila sa sarili nila.”

The show amid the health crisis helped a lot of people by providing laughter and happiness, he continued.

Laughter is the best medicine. Yung objective ng show is to give happiness by all means necessary even if we have to push boundaries, step the forbidden lines.

Yun talaga ang main goal namin, magbigay ng kasiyahan sa audience. Especially times like this na hindi natin inaasahan. Lahat tayo caught off guard.

Kung lahat ng tao ganito yung objective, I think mas madali nating maovercome itong pandemic.

He is most proud of the Parokya Bente Dos anniversary and hopes to replicate it in the future,

Anniversaries, particularly yung Parokya Bente Dos, one of the best anniversaries we’ve done so far. I hope we can do something like that again in the future.

Further, he admitted that social media could be the biggest challenge and the best tool for promoting the show.

Double-edged sword tong social media. Malaki ang naitutulong siya sa pagpopromote ng show at the same time siya yung counterweight sa success ng show.

With better handling, experience, I think social media will be the greatest challenge ng show and the greatest asset at the same time.”

Written by Gianni Russo

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