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Philippine Red Cross denies rumors of selling Moderna vaccines to Filipinos

Coscolluela later emphasized that PRC is a humanitarian organization and will not be in the business of selling the vaccines.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) denied the talks that it is planning to sell Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to Filipinos.

In a statement on May 17, PRC Governor Ma. Carissa Coscolluela said that PRC Chairperson Richard Gordon never announced that the organization will sell vaccines to the public.

“To set the record straight, PRC Chairman Richard Gordon never announced that the Red Cross is selling vaccines. He stressed the need to act fast and vaccinate as many people as we can,” she said.

Cosculluela added that Gordon only said that the vaccines would be offered to some members and donors.

“What he said was that the PRC procured Moderna COVID-19 vaccines and intends to vaccinate Red Cross members and donors, who are also our members, who are willing to bear the cost of the vaccines.”

Gordon earlier said that the PRC would be offering Moderna doses for a certain amount. The vaccines allegedly cost USD26.83 or PHP3,500 for two doses with additional administration fees for the syringes, gloves, PPEs, and other expenses for the doctors and nurses.

“The vaccine procurement was quite slow. But now they’re catching up. But before they could catch up, we have already ordered 200,000 Moderna doses, so we’re going to vaccinate 100,000 people,” he said during a Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) forum.

However, Coscolluela later emphasized that PRC is a humanitarian organization and will not be in the business of selling the vaccines.

“It does not charge for anything that it got free.”

Netizens called out PRC for Gordon’s statement saying that it only serves vaccine inequity.

Someone also called for the attention of the Red Cross to “tame” its Philippine counterpart.

Tonyo Cruz aired out his disappointment regarding the PRC’s said plan.

They also dismissed Coscolluela’s explanation and said, “If people need to pay, you are selling.”

Some implied that the distribution of the vaccine has started to become a business venture.


A netizen shared that her aunt inquired about the selling of vaccines and was told that it will cost Php6,000.

“This government always shows that medicine and healthcare only benefit the rich,” wrote a Twitter user.

Another pointed out that Gordon is still a senator who is a part of the national government.

However, not everyone was disappointed with the news as a netizen already pre-registered for the vaccination, saying that she’s willing to shed money for it.

PRC then posted Coscolluela’s clarification on their social media pages.

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