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Frankie Pangilinan clarifies accusations of her cutting the line for a COVID-19 vaccination shot

She stated that she didn’t cut the line as she already got a text from the local government unit of Makati City.

Frankie Pangilinan denied that she cut the lines in Makati City to get herself vaccinated against COVID-19.

“I didn’t want to make this a big deal but have y’all ever thought maybe people have health issues you don’t know about?” she wrote on her Tweet last May 24.

She stated that she didn’t cut the line as she already got a text from the local government unit of Makati City saying that she’s already qualified to get a shot. So she did as it’s the “responsible” thing to do and that her lighthearted caption in her initial post was “misconstructed”.

Pangilinan urged everyone to get vaccinated as it’s also for everyone’s safety.

Netizens backed her up and said that people don’t really understand the prioritization when it comes to getting the vaccine.

“I know you have asthma. Just don’t mind them,” a Twitter user named Gigi wrote.

On May 20, Pangilinan uploaded a video of her getting vaccinated which fueled people’s assumption that she cut the line for her dose.

A netizen said that she even got her dose before some senior citizens who are supposed to be listed higher in the prioritization list.

Another compared Pangilinan’s decisions to his own saying that he never used his illness to “selfishly” get vaccinated as there are others who are all more vulnerable.

Someone described her as a “hypocrite” as she’s a known critic of the government, yet she got herself vaccinated. The person also bashed her physical appearance.

“Wala parin bang ginagawa ang gobyerno?”

“She loves to tweet sanctimonious rants but uses her privilege whenever the need calls for it. You don’t have a comorbidity, you have connections,” a netizen accused Pangilinan.

Pangilinan admitted that she had her initial qualms about going to get vaccinated as she thought about those who might qualify better but the goal is for herd immunity. She added that she won’t post a video on a public platform if she ever cut in line.

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