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Anakalusugan Rep. Mike Defensor insists his distribution of Ivermectin in QC is legal

Defensor pointed that his office will be in the clear as people will give consent when they use it.

If Anakalusugan Partylist Rep. Mike Defensor had his way, the “wonder drug” Ivermectin would be available in local pharmacies right now.

Defensor, however, insisted that what his office is planning to do in Quezon City is “completely legal” and within the bounds of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

“I am following FDA guidelines,” Defensor insisted in an interview with Karen Davila on ANC.

He added that the Ivermectin doses that his office is giving away are manufactured by a licensed pharmacy and come with a doctor’s prescription.

He also insisted that Ivermectin is safe and covered under “essential medicines” while saying the FDA is far stricter than its US counterpart.

“They even allow it to be prescribed in the US as an ‘off-label’ prescription,” he told ANC.

Off-label prescription is a common practice in the US, as the US FDA is only responsible for drug approval and not prescription practices, according to this article from WebMD.

Defensor also insisted that he is not doing anything outside of the law, and not forcing Filipinos to take Ivermectin.

Defensor hopes that one day, human-grade Ivermectin will be available as an over-the-counter drug.

“Mercury Drug is compounding (Ivermectin),” said Defensor, though he would be corrected by Davila and told that Mercury Drug was merely licensed to do so.

He would go on by saying “they have the compounding capability because they have the raw materials.”

He also claimed to still be on Ivermectin, which he takes in 15-mg doses once every two weeks. He also said judges, media people, and generals have been asking him where they can get their doses, along with doctors.

Consent to avoid liability?

Defensor pointed that his office will be in the clear as people will give consent when they use it.

This was his response when asked who will be held liable should anyone gets Ivermectin from his office and suffers adverse side effects.

“The point is before you get the prescription, before you are allowed to take it, may consent ‘yung tao, may consent naman ‘yung tao doon eh.

“Medical practice naman ‘yan talaga eh na ito iinumin ko, pe-prescribe ko sa ‘yo and the recipient, pumapayag para dito.”

Defensor’s constant push for Ivermectin has earned the ire of Netizens anew, especially when most caught wind of his office wanting to distribute the drug.

A Netizen shared a video of someone who appears to be a licensed pharmacist talking more about Ivermectin.

He has also been called out for being an illegal drug trafficker and worthy of being slapped with a human rights violation case before the International Criminal Court.

National government split on support for Defensor.

As of today, the national government is not 100% backing Defensor’s push for Ivermectin to be treated as medicine for COVID-19.

FDA director-general Eric Domingo has issued a warning against those looking to get themselves doses of Ivermectin.

“Compounding is legal, but it has to be done by a licensed pharmacist and with doctor’s prescription,” he told ANC.

He also warned Netizens against buying Ivermectin online, saying they might get one that is meant for deworming animals.

Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) consultant Dr. Edsel Salvana, meanwhile, has cautioned the public against relying on Ivermectin.

The Palace and the Department of Justice have raised their hands in the air–steering clear from the issue.

A Makati resident said some in her barangay are leaning towards getting Ivermectin rather than getting vaccinated.

Rappler Live Jam host Amanda Lago said some residents of Makati City are looking for doses of Ivermectin as opposed to being vaccinated.

“Hindi tayo magkaka-herd immunity. Walang may gustong magpa-vaccine, ang gusto nila ivermectin,” said Lago’s father, who happens to be a doctor.

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