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‘Safe and Effective’ trends on PH Twitter as netizens show support for HCWs not choosing Sinovac jabs

It may be similar to the copy-and-paste attacks normally done by troll farms, but this one has a noble purpose.

As ceremonial COVID-19 vaccinations were happening at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), a phrase started trending on Twitter—and a “script” to go along with it.

Over 6,700 people were seen using the phrase “safe and effective” to show support for healthcare workers (HCWs) who refused to be inoculated with Sinovac’s controversial COVID-19 vaccine, CoronaVac.

The band of supporters—mostly coming from the youth—tweeted their full names and an affiliation along with condemning the use of CoronaVac for the HCWs posted at PGH.

These tweets started picking up steam just as vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr., PGH Director Dr. Gerardo “Gap” Legaspi, IATF infectious diseases consultant Dr. Edsel Salvana, and MMDA chief Benhur Abalos were getting their CoronaVac jabs.

Others who were present at the PGH and other ceremonial inoculations and were subsequently given the vaccine were Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Director General Eric Domingo, testing vice czar Vince Dizon, and TALA Hospital Director Fritz Famaran, the latter two receiving their shots at TALA Hospital.

An insider from PGH, however, would reveal that not everyone present at PGH would receive the controversial vaccine, as getting the shot was still voluntary.

The insider would also reveal that most of the people who received CoronaVac shots at PGH were consultants and institution or government leaders, most of whom were within the parameters set by the FDA.

These parameters were being between 18 and 59 years of age, being “clinically healthy”, and not being exposed to COVID-19 patients as much as healthcare workers.

CoronaVac vaccinations are set to properly start March 2, according to the PGH insider.

Side-effects already seen in HCWs

The ceremonial inoculations, meant to gain public trust, would take a hit after no less than 5 people were brought to the emergency room at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC).

One of the five HCWs was said to have experienced rashes, which doctors attributed to a mild allergic reaction. All five have since been released after being cleared by ER personnel.

According to Dr. Johann Giovanni Mea, spokesperson for the VMMC, patients being taken to their ER was part of standard protocol after getting immunized.

This caused a bit of a stir on social media, riling up those who were for and against Sinovac’s controversial COVID-19 vaccine.

Some netizens would say it proves the initial assessment given by the FDA on CoronaVac, while others passed it off as normal.

As for netizens campaigning for “safe and effective” vaccines, the battle rages on as CoronaVac’s phase 3 testing results have yet to appear before health experts.

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