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What do netizens think about ABS-CBN’s new Christmas station ID?

Netizens expressed their initial reactions after watching the lyric video of ABS-CBN’s 2020 Christmas Station ID.

  • They stated that the song made them emotional and inspired at the same time.
  • They also praised the station for showing that it still has the means to produce a meaningful station ID even though it got shut down this year. 

During the Christmas season in the Philippines, one of the most awaited events is the release of the ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID.

With the network’s continuous success when it comes to songs that have seemingly become a part of every Filipino family’s holiday traditions, people can’t help but wonder what kind of music will be released now that the station has been shut down.

But netizens were pleasantly surprised and emotional after hearing ABS-CBN’s Christmas station ID for the first time. The lyric video for “Ikaw Ang Liwanag At Ligaya” recently dropped and the majority of the reactions are emotional and inspired as they were struck with its meaning.

The video already got more than half-a-million views on YouTube, more than 1.6 million views on Facebook upon the few hours of release, and the hashtag #IkawAngLiwanagAtLigaya trended number one on Twitter.

A netizen complimented how it highlighted the diversity of language which shows that the station aims to reach out to more Filipinos worldwide.

“Ginalingan at tinodo na nila this year,” a Twitter user stated.

Another one said that it has been one of the things that excites him every Christmas. But even though the station releases one yearly, this particular station ID just “hits differently.”

Someone then tweeted the description of the ID which she claimed that made her more emotional.

The lyrics were about finding hope and love from each other. It touched the hearts of netizens because as the country has been suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic and calamities that have taken a lot of people from their loved ones, it reminded them that they still have the people around them to rely on.

“[The station ID is] making me cry and also giving me hope.”

Of course, the competition can’t be avoided as someone compared the views of ABS-CBN’s video to GMA Network’s video.

But as this netizen said, ABS-CBN still “[has] it” and that no amount of challenges can dim their light.

Written by J M

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