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Ethel Booba takes a shot at anti-Duterte followers

This is after she took a swipe against the critics of the government, saying that their comments won’t do anything as President Rodrigo Duerte is still in his seat.

  • Ethel Booba allegedly hinted that Sarah Duterte might be the next president.
  • The comedian previously announced that a Twitter account that was sporting her name was not really her and that its tweets do not represent her personal sentiments. 

Comedian Ethel Booba seemed to have made a 180-degree turn after she disowned a Twitter account bearing her name. She said that the account which had more than 1.6 million followers, was handled by a person she had no connection to and who did not share her political beliefs.

The account was known for actively criticizing the government and tweeting about national issues.

On her current profile, @EthelBooba6, she often tweets her support towards the Duterte administration. She recently tweeted that she’s tempted to block those expressing anger against the government but they can’t really do anything as President Rodrigo Duterte will still remain in his seat.

“Sarap mang block galit na galit hahahhaha kahit ano pa paliwanag nyo. Presidente pa rin si Duterte,” she wrote.

Ethel then added that these people will be angrier once “daugtherty” will be the next in line. This is pertaining to Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte being the next president of the country.

She also praised Bongbong Marcos for giving out tablets despite having no funds while hinting that others have the money but are still asking for more.

Ethel also actively tweets against well-known critics of the government.

She then defended President Duterte after netizens called him out for being M.I.A during the Super Typhoon Rolly.

In a vlog, she shared the story behind her disowning the @IamEthylGabison Twitter account. She said that she used to have her account under @IamRealGabisonEthyl but she found the platform toxic so she deactivated it.

The comedian claimed that the account that became known as hers was actually created by a fan in 2012 who later on pretended to be her. It is said that the individual reached out to Ethel in 2016 and showed the Twitter accounts full of witty posts so she was immediately amused and let the account do its thing.

She then clarified that the ones who have direct contact with the account’s admin were her siblings and friends.

And as the account became more political, she began asking for the account owner to lessen its tweets regarding serious matters as she is not interested in the topic.

“Wala naman akong kahilig-hilig [sa politics]. Eh di dapat kumandidato na ako. Madami akong followers, baka nanalo pa ako,” she said.

She then asked everyone to unite regardless of their political opinions as everyone is suffering from the pandemic.

Written by J M

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