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Chynna Ortaleza, Agot Isidro chime in on Manila Bay white sand

The President’s supporters all say the same thing: wait for the project to be completed before passing judgement.

Celebrities have a way of attracting attention simply by posting a few choice words. They also become polarizing figures that reveal the worst in us.

This turned out to be true when Kapuso actress Chynna Ortaleza and Kapamilya actress Agot Isidro sent out tweets about the current condition of Manila Bay’s white sand beach.

Replies to Chynna’s tweets were mostly filled with people telling her to “judge the project when it’s finished,” echoing calls from both the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Department of Interior and Local Government.

Some have taken to criticizing Chynna for reposting photos from the Philippine Star.

Others showed support, pointing out the government’s misplaced priorities. There were those, however, who stuck with the “old script” and said the crushed dolomite was better than what was there before: piles of trash.

Agot Isidro’s reply thread on Twitter showed pretty much the same comments as Chynna’s, though she had more support at first.

She would later get tweets like asking her to run for President or blaming the previous administration for not doing anything.

Some even called her a hypocrite, saying she cares more for herself than the Filipino people.

These tweets come at the heat of criticisms being fired at the DENR and the Manila City LGU for going ahead with the project.

Recently, DENR Usec. Benny Antiporda said the dolomite sand placed on the shores of Manila Bay would not wash off as easily as critics say.

In an interview with CNN Philippines last September 15, Antiporda said they have placed geotubes to ensure the white sand doesn’t wash off during the rainy season. He also said they expect some of the white sand to erode, but “it will not be that big.”

He also promised to ask the Department of Public Works and Highways to go after the contractor should the white sand wash away as easily as critics claim it will be.

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