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Celebrities, netizens react to Cynthia Villar’s statement about people opposing the conversion of farms to housing developments

The senator claimed that people are wrong for opposing the land conversion of farms to housing areas and factories.

  • Personalities and netizens air their opinions regarding Cynthia Villar’s recent statement.
  • She added that lands are not the key to successful farming but technology.

Celebrities and netizens reacted to Senator Cynthia Villar’s recent statement about how people saying farmlands should not be converted to build houses or factories as it is also important to boost the country’s economy, are wrong.

Gideon Lasco called Villar “shameless” and that her defense for the conversion of agricultural lands is an “insult” to Filipinos.

The Villars are known for buying farms and land to develop into their housing subdivisions such as Camella Homes.

Actress Agod Isidro, who is active about tweeting about her political views and opinions regarding national issues, reacted to the senator’s defense.

Barnaby Lo then reminded everyone that the Villars actually have the biggest stake in land conversion.

“Whenever Cynthia Villar is trending, you know she has said something terrible,” Jai Cabajar tweeted.

A netizen then said that there are only two reasons as to why Villar trends.

Other netizens are also not surprised regarding the senator’s statement as most are used to being disappointed by her words.

In her opening statement during the Senate hearing on the state of the dairy industry in the Philippines, Villar claimed that lands are not the key to successful farming but technology.

“Sa Israel, wala silang lupa, disyerto sila kaya hina-hang nila ‘yung kanilang mga plant sa air. Wala silang tubig, kasi ang tubig lang nila nanggagaling sa ocean, salty, dini-desalinate nila,” she said.

“‘Yung sinasabi na huwag daw i-convert ang farmland para magtayo ng bahay at huwag i-convert ang farmland para magtayo ng factory, mali ‘yon.”

Villar then claimed that she doesn’t see the point as to why it should be banned.

“Hindi naman lahat gustong i-convert to homes and commercial, yung mga city lang ‘yun eh. Bakit ipagbabawal ‘yon eh importante rin yung sa ekonomiya.”

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