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Ces Drilon, Antoinette Jadaone, Pia Magalona and netizens tweet #LetLeniLead amid Duterte administration’s failure to combat COVID-19

Duterte admitted that the Philippines doesn’t have enough funds and that there isn’t a strategy in place to really combat the the disease. 

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday asked, ‘What’s the best solution for COVID-19?’ during his usual press briefing following the surge of coronavirus cases in the country.

Duterte admitted that the Philippines doesn’t have enough funds and that there isn’t a strategy in place to really combat the disease.

“What can we do? Magbigay ng pera? Wala na tayong pera,” he said.

“Ngayon magsabi kayo, ilockdown mo na ang Maynila para wala nang mahawa. Problem is wala na tayong pera. I cannot give food anymore to money and people.”

He said this after it was reported that the country’s outstanding debt shot up to P9 trillion after receiving loans for COVID-19 response.

He also called on doctors to do a better job of sharing information.

“We need the input of other doctors who might have training outside of this matter, tropical diseases, infectious diseases. Kung wala kayong maibigay, it’s not our fault we are lagging behind. We do not have the equipment, we do not have anything.

“To our health workers, this is a war that you have been trained to fight,” he added.

As more withdraw their support of Duterte, Vice President Leni Robredo is receiving deserved recognition for her efforts to fight off the disease.

Robredo has shown constantly that she is all in when it comes to helping the Filipino people, prompting supporters in creating the hashtag #BusyPresidente.

Many also think that she should lead the COVID-19 response, not Duterte.

Soon to be former ABS-CBN employee Ces Drilon thinks Robredo ‘is the leader we need’ in this trying time.

The #LetLeniLead is trending, and rightfully so, according to Robredo’s supporters.

Pia Magalona took a shot at Duterte for ‘not listening.’

Unlike Duterte who seemingly gave up based on his recent remarks, Robredo actually laid out her plans for COViD-19.

Duterte previously dared medical professionals to start a revolution after many complained about how COVID-19 was overwhelming them and health institutions.

Leni saw the complaint as something that needs to be looked at, and not a threat.

Her supporters also think that she should run for the presidency.

One netizen pointed out that Duterte didn’t look too good in his press briefing as he slurred his words and gave incomplete sentences, much like US Democratic nominee Joe Biden who is visibly on a cognitive decline and therefore unfit to lead a country.

Robredo suggested that cleaning up and speeding up of COVID-19 data should be practiced for better decision making.

She also wants speeding up of COVID-19 test verification process to address the backlogs, inclusion of universities and academic institutions in the COVID-19 test validation process, and providing adequate spaces for locally stranded individuals.

Further, the Vice President pushed for the stimulus package that will help the economy cope with the effects of the pandemic.

Health workers will now be getting free shuttle services starting August 4 as part of Robredo’s initiative.

Written by paulie walnuts

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