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Kapamilya artists express disappointment after Congress denies ABS-CBN franchise renewal

After a series of hearings and deliberations, 70 congressmen voted against the renewal with only 11 for it.

  • ABS-CBN personalities posted about their sadness, disappointment, and anger regarding the Congress’ decision not to renew ABS-CBN’s franchise.
  • The Kapamilya talents urged the public to not forget about the historical event. 

After a series of hearings discussing allegations against ABS-CBN and contemplating whether or not the House should grant the network another 25 years, the majority of the lawmakers finally voted against the renewal.

With this, ABS-CBN talents took to social media and aired their disappointment on the verdict of the Lower House committee.

News anchor and broadcast Journalist Karen Davila stated that Filipinos should not forget what happened and always remember that the government has shut down the station twice in its entire history – the first one during Martial Law.

Reporter Jeff Canoy expressed his sadness by using the red, green, and blue emojis with the first one symbolizing a heartbreak. His followers encouraged him to remain strong despite the disappointing news.

Julius Babao said that may they have lost the fight and only 11 congressmen have believed in them but what’s important is that the Filipinos are aware of the truth.

Gretchen Ho then tweeted her gratitude to those 11 lawmakers who voted in for the network’s franchise renewal.

Host Kim Atienza just shared a quote from the Bible and expressed his thankfulness towards ABS-CBN and its viewers who have been supporting them throughout the fight.

Robi Domingo insisted that the network “did not violate any law” and the government just wants to instill fear to Filipinos.

Here are other ABS-CBN talents who posted about the historical happening:

70 members of the lower house have denied granting ABS-CBN a fresh franchise after their hearings. Around 11,000 workers will be affected and on the brink of losing their jobs if the network resorts to closure.

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