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Change has come for Mocha Uson: ‘Mocha Uson blog’ changes name to ‘Banat By Official’

Is this a ‘rebranding’ of Mocha Uson’s Blog?

Mocha Uson’s manager Byron Cristobal changed her verified Twitter account Mocha Uson Blog to Banat By Official.

Since the account name was changed, it lost the Twitter verified icon.

At the same time, a new Twitter account with the same old username arose.

The tweets of the alleged new Twitter account of Mocha seems to use pretentious English writing, far away from the tweets of the previous account.

As the new account claims to have ‘supreme intelligence’, netizens were surprised by this ‘new brand’ of Mocha Uson’s Twitter Account.

Mocha Uson and her manager haven’t released an official statement regarding this ‘rebranding’. There still no verification whether Mocha Uson is indeed the one handling the account.

Esther Margaux Justiniano Uson or Mocha is a singer and dancer who co-founded Mocha Girls. She was appointed as Deputy Executive Director of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) in 2019. Uson has been controversial because of her political stance and frequent spreading of fake news.

Written by Neil

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