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Glee’s Lea Michele accused of making black co-star’s first television project “a living hell”

Former Glee star Lea Michele was accused by a co-star of treating others badly during the show’s filming.

  • Samantha Marie Ware said that Michele’s attitude towards her made her “question a career in Hollywood.”
  • Other Glee cast members made a vague response to the accusation made against Michele.

The world is now entering the second week of global protests against police brutality and racism in the US. With this, public figures and brands have started to recognize the need to take a firm stance about the matter.

While most statements have had a mostly positive side of public acknowledgment, Lea Michele’s tweet has taken an unexpected turn.

Michele took a moment to tweet and acknowledge the murder of George Floyd, whose life was taken by the police even without a fight.

However, fellow Glee alumni Samantha Marie Ware called her out, claiming that Michele treated her pretty badly during their show filming and outwardly wished to “shit on [Ware’s] wig” amongst other insults.

“[The incidents] made me question a career in Hollywood.” Ware wrote.

Former co-stars Amber Riley and Alex Newell then tweeted vague responses shortly after.

Michele currently has made no comment about the accusation made against her.

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