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Upstaged? MMDA removes improvised bike lanes by a cycling group in Commonwealth Ave.

MMDA to sue, slap P1,000 fine on bike group

  • There was a sudden increase in cyclists as public transportation is limited during GCQ.
  • MMDA decided to remove the bike lane as it is unauthorized and “dangerous.”

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has removed the plastic bottles being used as improvised traffic cones by a cycling group for the “bike lane” along Commonwealth Avenue.

On the morning of June 2, the group used orange-colored plastic bottles as traffic cones for the bike lane on the outer sides of the avenue.

However, MMDA Assistant Secretary and spokesperson Celine Pialago said that the containers do not ensure the safety of the bikers. She also said that the agency has a plan to put a bike lane but it will take time.

“There is no bike lane yet, and we cannot just put barricades there, especially one-liter plastic containers. It is not safe for bikers because that is not enough to ensure their safety. It is very dangerous,” she said.

“MMDA has a plan for a safe bike lane, but it will take time for it to be constructed.”

In another interview, Pialago said that the bikers group would be cited for obstruction and fined P1,000 each. “They cannot just put up bike lane protectors without notifying authorities, especially made from plastic bottles,” she said. “They are not enough to provide safety for our bikers from speeding vehicles. They are very dangerous, in fact.”

She suggested that for now, cyclists should use the sidewalks.

Netizens expressed their disappointment regarding MMDA’s decision to remove the bike lanes saying that the volunteers only did it because the agency is doing nothing.

“They fail to provide help to their citizens and when countrymen help out each other, they stop and hinder it.”

Some also said that aside from the government being incompetent, they are also afraid of others doing their jobs for them.

“The government lifted the ECQ without proper guidelines for public transpo and now that the citizens took the situation in their own hands, you shut them down? wow.”

Limited transportation is currently available to strictly implement COVID-19 health protocols.

Written by J M

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