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Annabelle Rama calls out Rep. Rodante Marcoleta’s “delaying tactics”

Annabelle Rama expressed her annoyance to Congressmen who are unknowledgeable. She also calls out Rep. Marcoleta for his redundancy.

On her twitter account, Annabelle Rama said that the actions of SAGIP Partylist Rep. Rodante D. Marcoleta are tactics to delay the grant of the franchise to ABS-CBN.

On Monday, despite the break, the House committee on legislative franchises and the committee on good government and public accountability resumed with its joint hearing on the ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal.

The hearing on June 8 aimed to focus on ABS-CBN’s Philippine Depositary Receipts or PDRs, but it was once again shifted to questions about ABS-CBN chairman emeritus Gabby Lopez’s citizenship.

Thus, Annabelle expressed her annoyance with the Congressmen who were seemingly unknowledgeable about the law, specifically calling out Marcoleta for his redundancy.

Marcoleta asked Lopez questions about his dual citizenship.

Rama said that the questions being asked were already answered during the previous hearings.

She also reacted when Marcoleta asked Lopez to recite the first line of “Panatang Makabayan” to prove his allegiance to the country.

Lopez was able to recite the first line, but Marcoleta claimed his attorney coached him.

Thereupon, Rama expressed intense irritation when Marcoleta questioned Lopez if where is “Uncle Sam” in his heart.

She also said that she doesn’t want to see the congressman anymore since he consumed a lot of TV airtime.

“Uncle Sam” is a known national personification of the U.S federal government.

Marcoleta has been continuously raising the same questions that were already answered by Lopez and his lawyers.

Meanwhile, Annabelle Rama continuously raises her sentiments about the franchise hearing through her twitter account.

Annabelle Rama is a talent manager and actress who is known for being very vocal with her opinions.

Rodante D. Marcoleta is the representative of SAGIP Partylist, which envisions a “pro-poor” Philippines in the future. He was slammed by netizens before when he proposed giving Commission of Human Rights a mere ₱1,000.00 budget for 2018.

As the hearing for ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal continues, the network also continues to lose around 30-35 million pesos a day due to its shutdown. This has employees worried as some are bound to lose jobs by August.

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