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‘Wala kang pes mask!’ Woman insults police officers after being denied entry to barangay under hard lockdown

“Iaabot ko lang, nasusunog na mukha ko.”

Some areas in the NCR are still considered high risk and one of those would be Barangay 156 in Caloocan City which is currently under a ‘hard lockdown’ due to the rising number of cases.

Mickaela Manzon y Tahum got her fifteen minutes of fame after a video surfaced showing her hurling insults at police officers as she tried to enter the said barangay.

“Wala akong pakealam sa ‘yo,” she said to one of the officers.

According to Tahum, she was only there to hand her partner a bag of essentials but the enforcers wouldn’t allow her since the barangay was under a hard lockdown and the exit hours were already up.

“Iaabot ko lang, nasusunog na mukha ko.”

Dto yan s service road(barangay 156)…Anyare sau ateng?hard lock down mahirap bang intindihin yan?…..yare ka ngaun….(AxisApple)©©©

Posted by Axis AppleMheann Adevino on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The officers kept on telling her that she will not be allowed to enter the barangay but Tahum remained persistent. Plus, she already violated guidelines since she wasn’t wearing a mask.

“Bawal nga ma’am, hard lockdown ‘to.”

Tahum finally gave up but told the officers that she would take another route. The officers tried to stop her again.

“Ang ganda mo, bastos ka,” one of the officers said.

One of the officers had enough and told her that she was going to be arrested for violating ECQ guidelines.

“Babae ako pinagtutulungan niyo ako,” Tahum said.

She tried to call her partner to help her out.

“Backup mo ako dito, babe.”

She has since been apprehended.

So eto na si ate girl na takot masunog ang muka.Bastos sa frontliners at walang quarantine pass lalong walang…

Posted by Vanessa Esco on Thursday, May 14, 2020

Written by Charles Teves

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