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Thai actors Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin to appear in an exclusive interview on ‘TV Patrol’

MJ Felipe revealed that an exclusive interview with a popular Thai pair Bright and Win will be aired on TV Patrol.

  • He also shared that the duo answered all questions in English.
  • Bright and Win are the leads in the well-known BL series 2gether.

Thai BL (boys love) fans out there, this news is for you. Actors Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin will be interviewed on TV Patrol on Friday, May 8.

MJ Felipe announced the surprise on his Twitter account.

He also shared that the pair did not need any translators for the interview as they both answered all questions in English.

It is also tweeted by Dreamscape Entertainment’s official account. Will there be a local project soon?

The two are the stars of the hit series 2gether. The said interview will be shown on TV Patrol and will be uploaded in full on ABS-CBN’s official YouTube channel.

In 2gether, Bright and Win portray the characters Sarawat and Tine. The two are schoolmates who decided to engage in a pretend relationship that later on becomes real. The series gained a strong social media presence all over Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, and is one of the shows that are credited for the growing popularity of the Thai BL genre.

Written by J M

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