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YouTuber Justin Vasquez apologizes to Daniel Padilla for getting ‘touchy’ with his sister Magui Ford

Daniel looked like he wanted to step in and tell Justin to back off. Not even his sunglasses can hide the fact.

Daniel Padilla’s sister Magui Ford just had her traditional Philippine debut this weekend as she officially turned 18.

Her favorite YouTuber Justin Vasquez showed up to deliver a performance especially made for Magui.

After his performance, a video that is making rounds on social media showed Justin getting a little touchy with Magui. He is seen having a conversation with the birthday celebrator and was touching her constantly. He even hugged her twice, and all of the touchy action was being watched by Daniel, who was only a few feet away from them.

Based on the video, netizens are speculating that Daniel wasn’t too pleased with Justin, with some even saying that if that was an event, other than his little sister’s birthday party, Daniel would have knocked the touchy YouTuber out.

Daniel looked like he wanted to step in and tell Justin to back off. Not even his sunglasses can hide the fact.

On February 29, Justin Vasquez went on Twitter and issued an apology to Daniel, and to the others he thought he may have also offended.

“It wasn’t my intentions to offend anybody. Sorry if that’s what came across. I’m just a simple singer/YouTuber trying to make people happy.”

Most netizens and fans say that this is normal behavior from Daniel, and that he is just naturally protective, especially to the women in his life.

Magui herself said that Daniel isn’t even mad. It is very normal for a brother to be protective of his little sister/s.

On March 1, Justin shared his gratitude after being invited to the party and even praised Daniel for being protective of his little sister.

“Thank you @magsford for having me on your special day! I hope you had a wonderful celebration! God bless po. Thank you din po kay Mam @karlaestrada1121 for inviting me to perform ☺️❤️ Love your reaction Kuya @supremo_dp It’s all love and respect, brother.”

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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