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Ethel Booba pokes fun at Sen. Cynthia Villar’s suggestion on how to the pass time during the community quarantine

Senator Cynthia Villar urged the public to take advantage of the strict quarantine measures being implemented to start urban agriculture and home gardening projects.

  • Ethel Booba joked and said that people should take her advice seriously based on the classic Filipino song, “Magtanim ay di biro”.
  • Netizens find Villar’s suggestion ironic since one of her family’s businesses includes buying farms and turning them into subdivisions.

Ethel Booba is known for her witty yet timely remarks about the current issues in the country. She is not afraid to share her opinions even if she’s going against a powerful politician.

Her humor struck once again after she quoted a tweet about Senator Cynthia Villar’s suggestion on what to do during the enhanced community quarantine.

Villar suggested that people take up planting/gardening as a hobby. “It’s a way of introducing agriculture to our children.”

Booba then quoted the tweet, saying that we should take the senator’s suggestion seriously “dahil ang magtanim ay di biro.”

On the other hand, people are finding it hard to feel the sincerity in Villar’s words as they are known for buying farmland and turning them into subdivisions like what they did with Camelia Homes.

A Twitter user uploaded a screenshot of her farm from the computer game Stardew Valley and asked Villar to rate it.

A Camelia Homes resident asked Villar how they would plant successfully when the space of their house is very limited despite the high amount of rent.

It can be remembered that Villar previously stated that the COVID-19 epidemic would boost local tourism in the country.

Villar also urged the public to boost their immune systems.

“In between monitoring the news and doing household chores, we should also take steps to boost our immune system while at home. In this aspect, the physical activity involved in gardening will also do us good,” she pointed out.

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