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New jeans turns man’s legs blue, makes him think he was suffering from a medical condition

Mark Shrayber thought he had a serious medical condition because his legs turned blue

  • Turns out he wore new jeans without washing them first

San Francisco-based writer Mark Shrayber had his followers laughing as he mistook a simple mistake for a serious medical condition.

Mark saw how saw his legs were bluish in color so he began to worry.

He looked up anything associated with blue legs on Web Md, a very well known health website.

Mark decided not to take any risks, and went to the emergency room as fast as possible.

In a tweet that has over 375,000 likes, Mark revealed that he was so embarrassed when he found out that the only reason why his legs were bluish was because he wore newly bought jeans without washing them first.

Mark initially thought he had deep vein thrombosis, as per Web MD.

New jeans are usually dyed with indigo which gets stuck in fibers. One solution would be to soak new jeans in hot water, which will help get some of the extra dye out. You can also wash the jeans with vinegar that also helps.

In a reply to himself, Mark said that there is nothing wrong with being worried about your health.

His followers reacted.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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