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Senate President Tito Sotto proposes cloud seeding to wash away ash fallon; experts, netizens react

“I’m proposing cloud seeding action in the Taal Volcano affected areas…I sent word to [Executive Secretary Salvador] Medialdia.”

  • Senator Tito Sotto proposed cloud seeding as a solution to the debris caused by the ashfall from Taal Volcano.
  • Netizens expressed their disappointment with Sotto’s idea.
  • Experts said that it can wash away the ash from the plants and houses but it needs further studies as the proposal could lead to much more destructive situations.
  • Sotto hits back at the critics.

Senate President Vicente Sotto III proposed a cloud seeding operation to be done in areas that are affected by the eruption of the Taal Volcano to help clean up the ashfall and debris.

“I’m proposing cloud seeding action in the Taal Volcano affected areas…I sent word to [Executive Secretary Salvador] Medialdia.”

Sotto added that as water would alleviate the ashfall and its bad effects, people should not wait for the rain.

“Air force is now being informed of my suggestion. PAF has a group that handles that. Pinagaaralan na as we speak.”

According to the Senate President, Air Force chief Lt. Gen. Rozzano Briguez said that they will make sure that their planes can fly within the areas needed while making sure the ash and soot will not affect their engines. Sotto also clarified that the latter does support the idea.

He has also extended this proposal to online users by tweeting, “Now is the time for cloud seeding in the Taal Volcano affected areas!”

Netizens react to Sotto’s proposal

Netizens have reacted negatively to the idea of the Senate President. A twitter user said that “Cloud seeding is not instantaneous,” and that when the debris and gases from Taal are to be mixed with water, it can cause acid rain.

It can also create lahar.

Another netizen brought back Sotto’s classification of a Filipino and Chinese fish.

Other netizens also expressed their disappointment with the proposal.

Experts react

Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology chief Renato Solidum reacted to Sotto’s suggestion by saying that the artificial rain could help clean up the ash-covered plants and homes but it could lead to a much more destructive situation. If pushed through, citizens could be dealing with a surging mudflow.

“This has to be studied. Obviously kung masyadong maraming tubig, mawa-wash down ang abo sa gilid at may banta ng flood or lahars dahil inaanod ang abo,” Solidum said.

“In general, cloud seeding is a good idea, but how to operationalize it, you really have to study it.”

Sotto expresses his disappointment towards the negative reactions

The Senate President hit back at the critics of his proposal, saying that the water will wash away everything.

“Ang hirap sa iba, ‘pag hindi nila ideya nakapintas agad. Tumulong na lang sila at huwag humanap ng mali,”

Written by J M

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