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Author of Philstar’s iconic tweet ‘Yoko na pagod na ako’ shares his story after four years

“Relevant pa ba ako after four years??? Tanda niyo pa ba ako ha??? Pagod pa rin ako okay.”

Back in 2015, one of the country’s most respectable broadsheets, The Philippine Star, tweeted the iconic “hugot” line, “Yoko na pagod na ko.”

The November 2 tweet was deleted after 44 seconds.

However, some Twitter users still managed to get a screen capture of the said tweet, posted it online, and made it go viral.

Four years later, Vberni Regalado, the tweet’s author, took to Twitter to share the story behind the all-too-relatable statement on how tiring adulting is nowadays.

And yes, he’s still tired after all this time.

“Relevant pa ba ako after four years??? Tanda niyo pa ba ako ha??? Pagod pa rin ako okay,” he tweeted.

According to Vberni, he was part of the Philstar’s social media team at that time.

He said his shift was going to start at 6 a.m. the next day but he was still at work past 9 p.m. as he was working on the deck for the newspaper’s Christmas campaign.

Feeling burned out and frustrated, he tweeted the now-iconic line, “Yoko na pagod na ako,” without realizing that he was using Philstar’s Twitter account.

“Medyo badtrip na ako sa sarili ko, so I grabbed my phone and tweeted ‘yoko na pagod na ko.’ Nilapag ko yung phone ko after the tweet and continued working,” he said.

“Tapos ginrab ko ulit phone ko to check, tapos POTA ICON NG @PhilippineStar YUNG LUMABAS SO AYUN DUN NA NAGSTART ANG NGATOG MGA MARSE,” he added.

And while he was able to delete it in 44 seconds, he said some netizens were still able to get a screenshot.

Vberni said he immediately reported it to his boss and thankfully, he was “chill” about it.

Philstar managed to garner decent media mileage out of the now-deleted but already viral tweet.

“Pero ayun, what’s clear was hindi siya intentional, pagod lang ako that day, but the mistake made me even love the job more,” Vberni said.

“PAHABOL! Shortly after the tweet was deleted, I knew I had to control the situation, sakto we put out quotes every night, hence this (photo) tweet: ‘Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit,” he added.

Vberni admitted that he offered a resignation the minute it happened, but his boss did not accept it and he only told him not to do it again.

“I wasn’t scolded, wala even a reprimand, but siyempre sinabihan na ‘wag na ulitin. Di ko na rin siya nilog-in sa phone ko ever. Ha ha,” he said.

Vberni noted that he eventually left his job at Philstar, “but for better reasons totally unrelated to this tweet.”

“Was proud to have been part of the Social team as its socmed (social media) manager for three and a half years!” he concluded.

Written by Angelle De Leon

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