Woman says boyfriend farts in her face because he couldn’t do it to his dog

  • The boyfriend might have a farting fetish
  • Netizens say this is unhealthy

Twitter [email protected] shared a weird yet disgusting story that currently has over a thousand likes.

The screenshots were taken from another social media platform and tells a story about a girlfriend and her weird partner.

A woman started off by saying that she has been with her boyfriend for almost four years now. Being together that long, they have grown comfortable with one another.

Being in a relationship produces quirks and peculiarities, which she is okay with when her boyfriend does these things.

But she details one time when everything just went weird between them.

Her boyfriend has a habit of farting when they are together. He would also let her know that he will be farting before actually doing it. After farting, the boyfriend would rate his farts and describe the odor produced.

His farting usually happens when he is close to her or when they are in a tight place.

On the night of September 1, her boyfriend was farting excessively, to which she thought that he may have eaten a little too much.

She was trying to sleep but he farted repeatedly with only small intervals between farts.

The boyfriend was working on his computer and would rip out noisy ones then he would direct them to her as she was trying to sleep.

The boyfriend then stood up and positioned his butt 6 inches from her face. She thought he wouldn’t do it but he farted, twice.

She got pissed and asked him if he really needed to do that.

He gave a surprising answer.

“I’ve always wanted to do it to my dog but he wouldn’t stay still.”

She asked users if she should be worried about this.

Netizens had something to say about it.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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