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Three men arrested for assaulting traffic enforcer in Valenzuela City

The driver got mad and grabbed traffic enforcer’s left arm in an attempt to retrieve his keys.

  • The traffic enforcer confronted them over illegal parking
  • They retaliated by being aggressive and physically hurting the enforcer
  • The enforcer called backup and the three men were arrested and detained for three days

Netizen Jennifer Cabalquinto-Bantigue posted a video on Facebook showing a heated altercation between a traffic enforcer and three men on Padrigal Street in front of the Valenzuela Medical Center.

The video shows a traffic enforcer by the name of Mark Daniel Farmer attempting to give out parking tickets when he saw two motorcycles parked illegally.

The owner of the motorcycles did not like this and started resisting.

One of the drivers then got on his motorcycle and tried to drive away when Farmer got in front of him and took his keys.

The driver got mad and grabbed Farmer’s left arm in an attempt to retrieve his keys. It can be seen that Farmer’s watch fell off from his wrist because of this.

Farmer then walked away since things were getting heated. One of the men could be heard saying that they did not know that the area was not meant to be a parking spot.

Posted by Glen Borja on Friday, September 6, 2019

The next thing the video shows is Farmer getting pinned against a cement post by one of the men.

Farmer apparently called backup and the three men were taken to a precinct where they were lectured as the video shows.

Mayor Rex Gatchalian went to the precinct himself mentioned that what they did to Farmer was unacceptable, and will be filing charges against them.

The three men immediately became quiet and submissive.

They were detained for three days. On September 9, they appeared before a court for their hearing.

Gatchalian expressed how proud he is of the traffic enforcers in his city.

Posted by Glen Borja on Friday, September 6, 2019

“These officers’ actions showed their worthiness as members and employees of the Traffic Management Division and the City Government of Valenzuela. They have acted, performed and served the public with the highest and excelled tradition of government public service, traits that deserve to be emulated and copied by fellow public servants.”

Written by Charles Teves

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