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Woman stabs boyfriend to death after he called her fat

  • A man was stabbed to death by his girlfriend after he called her fat for wanting to eat ice cream
  • The man was stabbed four times with some newly bought scissors
  • The woman was arrested after she tried to escape

A Chinese man in Zhumadian, China was stabbed to death by his girlfriend after he allegedly fat-shamed her.

The couple was seen walking along a street with several shops.

The heat was getting to the woman so she told her boyfriend that it would be a good thing if they got something cold to eat like ice cream.

According to witnesses, the boyfriend made fun of her weight saying, “You’re already so fat and you still want to eat ice cream?”

The woman wasn’t too happy with the comment and went inside a store to buy some scissors. She went back to her boyfriend, started arguing with him, and then stabbed him four times.

The man lost so much blood that he collapsed to the floor.

Videos show the woman standing and looking at her boyfriend as he bled to death.

The doctors declared him dead upon arrival at the hospital.

The woman was then arrested and further investigation is ongoing.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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