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Planning to work abroad? Apply for jobs abroad easily with just the Sterna app

  • The Sterna App aims to help simplify the process of job applications abroad
  • The app aims to process legitimate overseas employment to avoid illegal recruiters
  • Initial job offerings available are from Canada but will open to more countries in the future

Applying for a job abroad takes a lot of effort in processing paperwork which also takes a lot of time and resources just to secure a slot from the various jobs available all over the world. In terms of skill and work ethics, Filipinos mostly meet the expectations of their employers which makes them in demand in developed countries.

Though there have been improvements in the process, there are still challenges like illegal recruiters and middlemen.

These things already burden an applicant with so many things to do. Jobs are still on the rise due to the demand for workers with specific skills. Some countries also have a declining birth rate and a growing aging population which shrinks the number of workers in various fields.

For a developing nation like the Philippines which still has an increasing number of young and trained workers, many seek to get work abroad to earn more. Link Asia Manpower Solutions Corporation (LAMSC) is one of the accredited manpower agencies whose purpose is the recruitment of Filipino workers for deployment to countries like Canada.

With the help of a Canadian company called Sterna, the process of linking workers to possible employers is done with a systematic approach which made the process faster. Sterna started in México, Colombia, Morocco, and Tunisia, and now has set its sights to operate in the Philippines with the help of LAMSC.

Several jobs that they offer includes Land Vehicle Mechanic, Land Vehicle Aesthetics, Boat & Ship Mechanics, Boat & Ship Maintenance, Aerospace Maintenance, and Aerospace Inspection. Though most are based in Canada, they look forward to opening more opportunities in other developed countries.

Bruno Paradis, CEO of Sterna shared that there will be an app to be launched soon that will be the most comprehensive application that will let them gather all the necessary documents and other requirements. This lessens the need to go back and forth from agencies just to submit them. Said to be the first international mobility app in the world, it’s slated to be available in October 2019.

Meanwhile, Link Asia is Sterna’s exclusive partner in the Philippines as the only agency they need for the process though several requirements must be processed by the applicant such as passports, documents, etc.

”We do our best to make transactions, day-to-day management true to these conditions. And so we are happy to partner with Sterna for the launching of the app, to take recruitment one step further. That will a long way in empowering both applicant and employers to make the right choices career-wise and opportunity-wise.” said Eric Corpuz, President of LAMSC. “To make the world available to the Filipino workers while staying in the convenience of their cell phones. This is our dream for the Filipino workers, this is our goal, and this will be our achievement,” he added. (Text by Florencio P. Jusay of ManualToLyf)

Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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