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HIV positive man lives for more than 20 years with proper treatment and medication

  • Hodson proves that living with HIV is better with proper exercise and medication that can extend their lives and even allow them to have a family
  • Hudson has survived for 20 years as a person with HIV
  • Another key for people with HIV to live longer is living with a healthy lifestyle

Matthew Hodson, a person living with HIV, shared on his Twitter account how he has managed to live with the disease and reach the age of 52.

He was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 31 but he didn’t lose hope. He underwent proper treatment which helped him immensely.

Now, he is 52 years old has been living with HIV for 20 years now.

He said in a tweet that people living with HIV positive may now have a similar life expectancy like those without, as long they were diagnosed in time and have proper treatment and support. Another key for people with HIV to live longer is a healthy lifestyle.

Hodson also shares that having treatment doesn’t only mean to live a long and healthy life but also a possibility that an HIV positive can’t pass the virus to their sexual partner. This happens when the virus is suppressed to “Undetectable level” which means “Untransmittable” this is what they call “UequasU”

Written by Rhelyn Harder

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