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Stuff of nightmares! Spider spins web inside a man’s ear

  • Weird “crawling sensation” inside man’s head turns out to be a spider spinning a web in his ear
  • A doctor in eastern China’s Jiangsu province flushed out a tiny live spider nesting in a man’s ear, after he complained of discomfort
  • Doctors investigated but didn’t find what turned out to be a spider with standard equipment

A patient from China’s Jiangsu Province went to the Hospital of Yangzhou University and consulted an Otorhinolaryngologist as he developed an “excruciating pain” inside his ear.

According to local reports, the man told the doctor he suspected an insect might have crawled into his ear and after hours of trying to remove it himself, the insect remained firmly inside.

ENT Specialist Dr. Zhang Pan mentioned that when he was inspecting the man’s ear he did not notice something with his naked eye. However, using a scope he discovered an eight-legged arachnid inside the man’s ear canal which was lodged way too far for him to remove using an instrument.

Fortunately, the doctor managed to flush out the spider using saline water and there were no injuries to the man’s ear canal.

Dr. Zhang advised that if an insect enters your ear, do not try to remove it forcefully as it will potentially damage your ear canal.

The person should try pouring a tiny amount of mineral oil into the ear while gently pulling the earlobe backward and upward so that the insect will float out with the oil.

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