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Mother abandons kids outside Mang Inasal?

  • Two children were found starving outside a Mang Inasal outlet.
  • The older kid said that their mom brought them there and told them that she will just buy an umbrella, but did not come back anymore.

A mother of two kids allegedly abandoned her children outside a Mang Inasal branch.

According to Facebook user Myleen Delos Reyes De Villar, they found the children outside the fast food chain in People’s Park, Valenzuela City. She said that citizens were worried and concerned after seeing the two kids crying, however, their parents were nowhere to be found.

The older child said that they were from Tondo and have arrived at the Mang Inasal around 6AM with their mother. But after a while, the mom told them to stay outside the store as she runs off to buy an umbrella.

They did as they were told, however, they got hungry while waiting as they didn’t even have breakfast. By lunchtime, they started to get scared as their mother hasn’t come back and began weeping, which drew attention from the passers-by.

Others gave the kids food while staying with them, hoping for their mother to come back.

The kids actually want to go back to Tondo, but they don’t know how.

The post has now been deleted.

Written by J M

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