Miss Spain Angela Ponce makes history as the first-ever Transwoman to join Miss Universe

  • Miss Universe Spain 2018 is the first transwoman to become a contestant in the said prestigious beauty pageant.
  • Netizens expressed their stand on the inclusion of Angela Ponce in Miss Universe 2018. 

Miss Universe Spain 2018 Angela Ponce failed to secure a spot in the Top 20, but she did prove a lot in this year’s competition.

What’s so special about her? She’s the first ever transgender woman to join the international competition.

During the coronation night, the Miss Universe organization honored Ponce as their first transgender contestant. In a pre-recorded interview that was shown during the coronation night, she uttered the words, “I don’t need to win Miss Universe. I just need to be here.”

This earned many reactions from Twitter users.

The tribute even earned Miss Spain a standing ovation from the crowd.

A Netizen expressed how much she admired Ponce.

Another Twitter user shared a quote from the contestant that affected him the most.

Someone also said how beauty has come a long way, as it also acknowledged  transwomen by letitng Miss Spain join.

Tristan then slammed people who continue to fight for the rights of the LGBT+ community but are still against the participation of Ponce in the international competition.

Kaye shared an interesting conversation with her cousin.

Unfortunately, not all comments are positive as a Netizen shared screenshots of transphobic comments made by Filipinos.

One of the replies explained that not all of the comments are transphobic, however, they just see the Miss Universe as a pageant for biologically born women.

Written by J M

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