Netizens complain about rude behavior of Chinese tourists in Manila

Netizens complain about rude behavior of Chinese tourists in Manila

  • Chinese nationals got caught doing unruly acts around Manila.
  • Netizens posted about different situations they encountered involving the foreigners. 

Netizens recently posted complaints regarding some Chinese nationals displaying unruly behavior around Manila.

The first one is a Twitter user who witnessed a man cut the line in Uniqlo to pay for the shirt he was wearing, leaving him shirtless in front of the counter.

Kanina lang. I queued to the cashier when chinese mainland guy cut thru the line, took off his shirt and paid for it. I felt so invaded even at Uniqlo.

Another netizen replied that she has also witnessed Chinese nationals insisting to enter S&R even if they had no I.D, saying that they are Chinese.

In S&R last week a friend said that a bunch of mainlanders wanted to enter S&R without an ID, but the guard said they could not w/o a member ID. They insisted they could enter saying, “we are chinese!” 😡 The nerve of this people! They actually act as if they “own” the country 🤬

The complaints weren’t just seen on Twitter as a certain Mj Miller posted about a Chinese mother letting her son poop at the side of a walkway at Bonifacio Global City.

This photo was taken by my friend in BGC last week. A Chinese mother was making her child poop there! My friend secretly snapped this pic then told the security guard.

My goodness. Walang urbanidad. Mga salaula!!!!

The posts were compiled by a Facebook user and has now reached almost 7,000 shares.

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