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Sharon Cuneta slams basher accusing her of using popularity for political reasons

  • Sharon Cuneta defends herself against basher on Instagram.
  • She said that everyone has the right to voice out their opinions.

There are a number of celebrities that constantly use their platforms to voice out their opinions on certain topics, one of which is the subject of Poilitics.

In a recent Instagram post, Megastar Sharon Cuneta defended herself from a netizen accusing her of using her popularity for political reasons like for the campaign of her husband Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan and her brother Cesar “Chet” Cuneta.

“Sharon.. I don’t believe in you anymore.. You are using your popularity for political reasons.. Let the people think about the merits of your husband.. Leave your brother and him alone campaigning.. just eat the Cookies and Cream.. without popularity you will still be who you are now.. Don’t cry over non popularity”

Sharon responded that everyone has the right to voice out their beliefs, and that includes celebrities. She added that even if she’s rooting for both, her husband and brother also speak for themselves.

“we ALL have the right to let people know in whom and in what we believe. That is our prerogative. Artistas have been voicing out their opinions and supporting candidates they believe in for generations. Omg if you don’t understand that, please sana alam mong Kiko and my brother do speak for themselves. Please spare na lang my cookies and cream and any flavor ice cream. Since di ka nakakaintindi, ice cream ko na lang maga-adjust sayo! Jusko ka importante mo naman. And ano yung “don’t cry over non-popularity?”. Di ko maintindihan kung sinasabi mong i’m using my popularity for what in your mind are wrong things or kung sinasabi mong wala na kong popualrity.

Sharonians, matutulog na ako ha. I love and miss you all! Kayo na and bahala dito kay “I don’t believe in you anymore sharon.” Thank you pala for that kasi I don’t like naman the people who believe in me to be people lang pala like you. Nakakahiya naman samin ng kapatid ko, Mayor Gomez, at sa ice cream ko. Baka maoffend pa cookies and cream ko sayo! Mabalos.”

The singer-actress accompanied her brother in filing his certificate of candidacy for a mayoral bid on Oct. 12.  She also thanked President Rodrigo Duterte for supporting Chet Cuneta.

Written by Jacks

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