How does ghost imaging happen?

  • A report has explained how a human eye is capable of ghost imaging.
  • It involves a series of explanations about the light that bounces off one’s eyes.

Ghost imaging isn’t something that is supernatural, but reports have explained how one can do it with the human eye.

It sounds cool but what is “ghost imaging”? A 2017 research described it as “imaging using light that has never physically interacted with the object to be imaged.”

This means that it is the visualization of a happening without the object being directly observed.

The process involves splitting a light beam into two separate beams. According to Physics World, “this splits high-energy photons into pairs of low-energy photons. One of those beams, or photons, are directed toward the object, and the other – the reference beam – heads straight to a light detector, one that lets all the light in.”

“At the same time, there is another light detector behind the object, one that lets but a single pixel of light in. We’ll call that detector the bucket, and it picks up on the photons that go through the object.”

Whenever a photon is transmitted and interacts with an object, its pair in the other beam mirrors its properties. This is because they are engaged in quantum entanglement, which is when two particles and their properties are linked to each other despite having no physical connection. It means that the beam of light that never interacts is altered and falls on the multi-pixel light detector.

The image, however, doesn’t come as clear.

Ghost imaging involves the light bouncing off the object into a bucket and is sent as a series of crisscross patterns.

“Lighter parts represent greater photon emission; darker parts less so. The light intensity received by the bucket are then compared and contrasted with each other using a computer.”

After some overlapping, the shadow image is built up without the direct photograph of an image, which results to ghost imaging.

Written by J M

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