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Hoping to improve the morale… Taxi driver hands a rose to every passenger

  • Netizen shares kind gesture of taxi driver.
  • The driver shares that he gives roses to his passengers everyday to boost the morale of taxi drivers .

There have been a lot of complaints about taxi drivers in Manila. This is one of the main reasons why nowadays, people prefer to book Grab.

But a Facebook user named Criss Subang shared her touching moment while in a taxi ride.

In her post, she narrated that she was in the middle of booking a Grab from SM Aura when she noticed that the taxi line was short. She noticed that none of them were taking the taxi in line so she asked if they were waiting for someone. It turns out that they were all waiting for their booked Grab cars to arrive.

Criss decided to go for the taxi. When she entered the vehicle, she noticed the rose petals scattered on the floor as the driver, whose name is Greg Laude, immediately handed her a rose.

Greg shared that he does the kind gesture every single day to “improve the morale of the taxi drivers who couldn’t afford to be a member of grab”. He added that he wants people to know that taxis are safe.

The taxi driver buys 30-50 roses a day to give to his passengers. He also shared that he wants to make people happy as it also brings him happiness.

You can read the full post below:

I was in the middle of booking grab when I noticed that there were only 5 or 6 people in the cab lane; yet noone took the taxi in line. I asked one of them if they were waiting for someone ahead of them in queue but they all said no. Apparently they were all waiting for their grabcars to arrive. I then decided to skip grab, avoid the waiting time and take the conventional way – I immediately went in the taxi. I saw a lot of rose petals scattered on the floor and as I was about to ask Sir Driver, he quietly handed me a rose. I didn’t get to ask anymore. I smiled and said thank you.

Sir Greg Laude does this every single day. Why? He said he wants to improve the morale of the taxi drivers who couldn’t afford being a member of grab (old units ain’t allowed to & he currently is renting one). “I want people to know that riding taxi is still safe. More so, I want to share happiness.” He buys about 30-50 roses a day and gives it to all of his passengers. He said, “The money I spent buying those roses does not compare to the joy I give and receive. Seeing people happy is important. It makes me happy too.”

I wish we’re all like him. #Selfless #ThankfulTuesdays
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