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‘To live freely is to love freely’ — Project Headshot Clinic champions diversity

  • Project Headshot Clinic teamed up with Strokes for 2018 FREELOVE campaign
  • FREELOVE Philippines was created to support Metro Manila Pride month

It is indeed the most colorful time of the year as the LGBTQIA+ Community celebrates Pride Month this June. Flagging the rainbow, our brothers and sisters from the community continue the tough fight against discrimination and unequal rights.

We all know that Philippines, despite its huge progress on homosexuality tolerance, remains mum on LGBT+ rights. Quite frankly, we seem to be stuck in the medieval ages–not allowing same sex civil union and anti-discrimination laws.

Headshot Campaign

Voicing advocacies are challenging nowadays, so Niccolo Cosme and the rest of Project Headshot Clinic (HSC) came up with their most creative campaign to date. Started as a passion project, Free Love bloomed over the years. The organization was able to get the most influential people in different sectors to participate in this historical feat.

To celebrate #Pride this year, HSC partnered with beauty studio Strokes by Momoi Supe. Bannered with colorful tropics, people from different spectrum were gathered to promote this beautiful campaign.

Every shoot, held during the weekends of June, an HIV Screening Booth from The Red Whistle were also set up to test willing participants. They also gave free consultation about HIV, AIDS, and safe sex practices (plus tons of condoms and lubricants *winks*).

Meanwhile, in an interview with Rappler, founder Niccolo Cosme hinted future projects for HSC–a global series by the end of the year, collaborations with photographers from Europe, Middle East, Australia and US, and the longevity of the campaign.

Ending this is the impactful message of this year’s theme.

“To live freely is to love freely. Straight or LGBT, we are all fighting for diversity, inclusion, respect, and the right to love – in all its forms and shapes. Because to stand up for love, is to stand up for freedom.”

Project Headshot Clinic or HSC is a digital platform created by photographer Niccolo Cosme in 2006. It combines stylized and conceptualized profile photos used online and socially relevant advocacies. One of them is FREELOVE, which aims to support the annual Metro Manila Pride Festival happening every June. For more information please visit

Let’s share this using the hashtags #FreeLovePH#ThisIsMyBeauty, and #RiseUpTogether and keep the revolution burning.

Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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