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“Sinasadya ko ‘yan eh.” Pres. Rodrigo Duterte pushing limits in speeches to ‘shake the tree’

  • President Rodrigo Duterte admits to pushing the limits of what he can say in public 
  • Duterte states that he has his own God and “Your God is not my God kasi ang God mo stupid”

Last June 26, President Rodrigo Duterte openly said that he’s pushing the limits of what he can say on purpose.

Duterte lashed out at his critics at his speech in Zamboanga del Sur. Some of his audience members are newly elected Western Mindanao chairpersons.

He told everyone that he does it on purpose to find out how far the boundaries can go.

“Sinasadya ko ‘yan eh. You know why? This country is in doldrums. I am shaking the tree para mabuhay lahat, para makita ko. I am shaking the tree pati mga salita ko bastos and I am trying to go to the boundaries of hanggang saan,” 

On June 22, Duterte made a bold remark when he called God “stupid” in Davao City. He also criticized the creation story in the Bible. He then said that he has his own “Universal God”.

“I have a God. He is the universal mind. I picture him as a too powerful na kung wala si God there are trillions and billions of heavenly bodies, kung wala yung Diyos matagal na tayong hinigop ng blackhole o sumabog na tayong lahat. That is how I see God in the universal sense,

Your God is not my God kasi ang God mo stupid,”

The Palace defended the president’s remarks saying that he is allowed to have his own beliefs.

Written by Jacks

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